From its origins, Olis Solé has always kept alive its passion for transmitting the values of the olive oil culture. We have achieved that by driving and developing different initiatives related to the promotion of the quality, and the culture of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olis Solé frequently takes part in different activities, such as domestic and international gastronomic meetings, and often works together with different chefs and restoration professionals.

This is how the Solé family has stood out in its fight to dignify the olive oil sector and defend the producer’s interests.

Quality label

About 1979, Olis Solé was one of the promoters and co-founders of the PDO Siurana Regulating Council.
This was possible thanks to the distinguished personality of our granddad, Anselmo Solé Font, who was recognized with a prize of the Council PDO Siurana in 2004.

It is also remarkable that Olis Solé is the only family company or private mill in the PDO Siurana; all the other members are farming cooperatives.

International quality label

Olis Solé is a member and founder of QvExtra! International, a private non-profit association, that was set of in Reus in July 2013. Its main aim is to encourage the competitiveness of the producers by promoting the “culture” of quality among its members, so as to make the consumer familiar with this concept.

QvExtra! olive oils are top of the range, rich, fruity, tangy and of exceptional quality. An extra virgin, which is so clearly an extra virgin, that when the consumer opens the bottle, they are surprised by its fruity aroma and say: “What an extra virgin!” (QvExtra! in Spanish).

Label of the produce BIO – Catalonia

Since 2002, we have the certificate from the Catalan Council for the Biologic farming production CCPAE. As the controllers in Catalonia, its function is to audit and certificate the bio farming produce in our country. This institution is under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural environment from the Government of Catalonia.

Label of the produce BIO – EU

The norms and regulations for the bio farming production are established by the (CE) 834/2007, 889/2008 and 1235/2008 regulations. These regulations are valid in all the European Union countries, and determine the productions and labelling rules. The controlling system of these produce, must fulfil the rules and regulations and be signed by an authorized control institution. In Catalonia this institution is the CCPAE.

Association – Catalonia

Since its foundation in 1993, Olis Solé is a member of the Catalan Association for the Olive Oil Mills and Olive Oil Bottling Industry. Antonio March, manager of Olis Solé, is currently its President.

ACAE is a non-profit management organization with legal entity, whose members are olive oil millers and bottlers from Catalonia.

They willingly become members to promote and improve the Catalan olive oil sector. They assist 40 private olive oil mills and, indirectly, more than 10.000 farmers. Currently, this association produces 35-40% of the olive oil in Catalonia.

Organization – Catalonia

Olis Solé is a member of this organization since it was founded, in 1986. Currently, Antonio March, manager of Olis Solé, is the Vice-President.

It was created to manage the subsidies for the olive oil production that farmers get from the European Union. It also defends the farmer’s interests and works together with state institutions.

National association

This entity was constituted in 2010, as a result of a merger between Catalan Association for the Olive Oil Mills and Olive Oil Bottling Industry (ACAE) and the Industrial olive oil mills management association from Cordoba (ACORA). It was set up to represent and defend its member’s interests, to add the experience of the industrial sector and to collaborate in the spreading of the olive oil values.

AFE integrates the 10.3% of the olive oil production in Spain and it is a full-right member of the Interprofessional of the Spanish Olive Oil.

Antonio March, manager of Olis Solé, is currently its President.

Spanish organization

Through AFE, Olis Solé is represented in this organization since 2014. This non-profit organization puts together all the links of the chain of production and commerce of the olive oil. Its main aim is to promote the consumption of the Spanish olive oil all over the world.