The environment

It is as true that the olive tree yard would be nothing without the man… as that the Mediterranean man would be nothing without his olive trees


Located in the heart of the Costa Daurada, between the blue sea and the red mountain, is our village, Mont-roig. Its name comes from the characteristic red colour of its surroundings, “red mountain“, which offers a unique and charming landscape.

The coastline of Mont-Roig is one of the most unique corners of the Mediterranean. The municipality has 12 km of coastline, combining long beaches with sinuous coves of virgin beauty. Its luminosity, its diversity and the colours of its earth make of the interior of Mont-roig an ideal place to enjoy nature. The many shades and contrasts, the result of the combination of the sea and the mountain, create a magical palette that, undoubtedly, captivated and inspired the universal Catalan artist Joan Miró.

Mont-roig has a great culinary tradition, where the symbiosis between seafood and garden produce, together with the olive oil with PDO Siurana, play a major role.

A suggestive land, defined by the lines of olive trees, tinged by the seasonal changes, alive because of the effort of those who cultivate it.


In Mont-roig we have “dry stone huts”, buildings that, in the past, were used by our ancestors used in in the countryside. They were used by the farmers and their animals to get shelter from the inclement weather.

The originality of these constructions is based on the use of dry stone, both on the walls and the roof. The situation of the hut is an example of the knowledge of their environment, as they were oriented South to protect them from the “Mestral” wind and to make the most of the sun.

The huts are fully integrated in the landscape, therefore passing almost unnoticed. Locating and finding them is to like looking at the past and imagine how our ancestors lived and worked. In Mont-roig we can enjoy a route along these dry stone huts, which are part of our “cultural heritage of national interest”.

It is a pride for our family to own one of these dry stone huts, in which our ancestors spent long working hours to leave us the olive cultivation as a legacy.


“All of my work is conceived in Mont-roig.”
Joan Miró

The Landscape of the Geniuses route is a tourist proposal to discover the essence of the landscape that inspired the work and personality of the four great universal geniuses Antoni Gaudí, Joan Miró, Pau Casals and Pablo Picasso along the Costa Daurada and the Tierras del Ebro.

The Route of Landscape of Geniuses, offers visits and activities in the municipalities of Reus and Vendrell where Gaudi and Casals were born, and in Mont-Roig and Horta de Sant Joan, where Miró and Picasso spent long periods of time.

In Mont-roig you can visit the “Centre Miró“, which will help you to understand the special relationship between the artist and Mont-roig, where he used to spend the summers during 65 years at his country house, “Mas Miró”.