Our roots

To know where we are going, we should know where we come from

Situated between the Mediterranean and the unique spot, which is the “Virgin de La Roca” shrine, you can find the village of Mont-roig del Camp, among the caressing sea breeze and the whispering mountain air. As its name suggests, Mont-roig is on a soil full of red shades, surrounded by olive tree yards. The whole landscape is an invitation to taste its fruit, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, esteemed golden elixir, which contributes so beneficially to our health.

Olis Solé is a family company that, since 1824, has been producing and manufacturing throughout five generations this valuable olive juice. Generation after generation, the essence of this land and its tradition has been passed on.
This is the land we love and care for, so as to obtain such a special produce.

Olis Solé offers the best of our beloved land, full of colours and shades, unique in the region. Our EVOO is the essence of Mont-roig del Camp, coming out of a bottle, with its special flavour and taste, opening up to the world through the wide window of internationalisation.

Tasting our oil is like closing your eyes and getting carried away by the flavours and taste of our singular landscape, which was a source of inspiration for Joan Miró. The brilliant Catalan artist represented this landscape in his works throughout colours: red for the tinge of the mountains, blue for the Mediterranean sky and sea, green for the carob and olive fields and yellow for the sun, our source of life.

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