C o m p a n y


7 g e n e r a t i o n s m a k i n g e x t r a v i r g i n o l i v e o i l

1825 - 1th Generation

Our beginning

According to the family’s historical documentation from 1825, our ancestors Francisco Bargalló and Maria Gassó rented the presses of the community of Mont-roig for the price of 7 “duros” (equivalent to 0,21€).

1842 - 2nd Generation

Two towns join

Maria Bargalló (from Mont-roig) and Vicens Llevat (farmer from Almoster) get married and continue the family tradition. In 1833 Francisco Bargalló donated the “Partida Tarrés” estate to his daughter Maria Bargalló.

1870 - 3rd Generation

The heritage

Vicens Llevat donates to his son Francisco Llevat all his properties in the municipality of Mont-roig, which be later passed to his grandson Mariano Llevat.

1906 - 4th Generation

The Marine

Mariano Llevat (marine and son of Mont-roig and married to Carme Bes) buys the presses from the Fonderia Blanch in Reus and installs them in the family’s paternal house.

1955 - 5th Generation

Union of two families of millers

In April 1955, two olive oil mill families got married and combined their two mills. Anselmo Solé Font (son of Anselmo Solé and Dolores Font who were in charge of the “Cooperative of Mont-roig” and after a few years they created their own Mill in front of the Cooperative on the same street) marries Maria Llevat (daughter by Mariano Llevat, who had the olive oil mill in the family house from 1801 to make “house olive oil”) and they settled on Avenida de Reus.

1987 - 6th Generation

Going back to the origins

Ester Solé (daughter of Anselmo Solé and Maria Llevat) together with her husband Antonio March inaugurate the new Olis Solé facilities with a new oil mill and packaging line, returning to the family’s house.

2008 - 7th Generation

Looking at the future

Judit and Sara March Solé (daughters of Ester Solé and Antonio March) enter the family business following the olive oil family tradition since 1825.


What makes us different

In OLIS SOLÉ the olive oil we elaborate is 100% EXTRA VIRGIN

We have our own LANDS and MILL

We are 7 generations of olive oil family tradition, SINCE 1825

The National and International recognition guarantees our QUALITY

In the PDO Siurana, we are the only FAMILY company and the only private mill, the other members are cooperatives

Thanks to our experience, we are PRESENT in over 20 countries in 4 continents

DOP Siurana

From its origins, Olis Solé has always kept alive its passion to transmitting the values of the olive oil culture, driving and developing different initiatives related to the promotion of the quality and the cultures of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We are co-founders and members of the PDO Siurana (Protected Denomination of Origin Siurana), QvExtra! Internacional, ACAE (Catalan Association for the Olive Oil Mills and Olive Oil Bottling Industry), OPOC (Organization for the Olive Oil Producers in Catalonia) and AFE (Federated Olive Oil Mills from Spain).


T h e q u a l i t y


C e r t i f i c a t e d

PDO Siurana

Olis Solé has been member and founder of the Protected Denomination of Origin Siurana since 1979. Our granddad, Anselmo Solé, was one of the founders and member of the Management Council, followed by Antonio March and currently by Judit March Solé.

QvExtra! International

Olis Solé is member and founder of the QvExtra! International, since 2013. The SIQEV seal guarantees the consumer that the olive oil is a high quality extra virgin. Antonio March was co-founder and member of the Management Council. Currently followed by Judit March Solé.


Since 2002 we have the certificate of the Catalan Council for the Biologic farming production (CCAPE), that is in charge of the control in Catalonia, its function is to audit and certify the bio farming produce in our country.


Our biologic extra virgin olive oil can be commercialized in the UE.

JAS Japan

Our biologic extra virgin olive oil can be commercialized in Japan since 2017.

ACAE (Catalana Association of Millers and Bottlers)

Since its foundation, 1993, Olis Solé is member of ACAE and Antonio March its President. It integrates the olive oil millers and bottlers from Catalonia, assisting about 40 private olive oil mills. This association produces 35-40% of the olive oil in Catalonia.

OPOC (Organization of Olive Oils Producers of Catalonia)

Olis Solé is member of this organization since it was founded, in 1986. Currently, Antonio March is the Vice-President. It was created to defend the farmer’s interests and works together with state institutions.

AFE (Federated Olive Oil Mills of Spain)

In 2010 AFE was born, as a result of ACAE (Catalonia) and ACORA (Córdoba). Ever since Antonio March has been the President. In 2021 AFAVEX (Extremadura) joined in, representing on the whole the 10,3% of the olive oil production in Spain.

Interprofessional Organization of Olive oil

Through AFE, Olis Solé is present in the Interprofessional Organization of the Spanish Olive Oil, since 2010. Its main aim is to promote the consumption of the Spanish olive oil all over the world.

Cluster Food Retail of Catalonia

Since 2019 we are members of the association Cluster Catalonia Gourmet.


T h e e n v i r o n m e n t

M o n t - r o i g d e l C a m p

Located in the heart of the Costa Daurada, between the blue sea and the red mountain, is our village, Mont-roig. Its name comes from the characteristic red colour of its surroundings, “red mountain”, which offers a unique and charming landscape. The many shades and contrasts, the result of the combination of the sea and the mountain, create a magical palette that, undoubtedly, captivated and inspired the universal Catalan artist Joan Miró.

Mont-roig has a great culinary tradition, where the symbiosis between seafood and garden produce, together with the olive oil with PDO Siurana, play a major role. A suggestive land, defined by the lines of olive trees, tinged by the seasonal changes, alive because of the effort of those who cultivate it.

T h e " D r y S t o n e H u t s "

In Mont-roig we have “dry stone huts“, buildings that, in the past, were used by our ancestors used in in the countryside. They were used by the farmers and their animals to get shelter from the inclement weather.

It is a pride for our family to own one of these dry stone huts, in which our ancestors spent long working hours to leave us the olive cultivation as a legacy.

T h e l a n d s c a p e o f t h e g e n i u s e s r o u t e

“All of my work is conceived in Mont-roig.” Joan Miró

The Landscape of the Geniuses route is a tourist proposal to discover the essence of the landscape that inspired the work and personality of the four great universal geniuses Antoni Gaudí, Joan Miró, Pau Casals and Pablo Picasso along the Costa Daurada and the Tierras del Ebro.

In Mont-roig you can visit the “Centre Miró,” which will help you to understand the special relationship between the artist and Mont-roig, where he used to spend the summers during 65 years at his country house, “Mas Miró”.

Did you know that the link between Joan Miró and Mont-roig del Camp was so strong that the genius, wherever he went, always carried a carob from Mont-roig?


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